Write to Kara

Being confined in a prison cell day in and day out is a horrible ordeal. The amount of mental and physical stress it puts on a person is indescribable. For Kara, who is confined in isolation in a foreign country, receiving letters means the world. So please, send Kara a letter knowing that you are thinking of her, that we are fighting for her on the outside, and make a new pen pal! Kara has also asked for photos to be sent to her, as she spends much of her time drawing and uses the photos for reference.

Remember, that all letters will be read by prison staff, so avoid putting anything in your letters that would incriminate yourself or others.

Check out Black and Pink’s suggested guidelines on prisoner letter writing before writing:

Kara can be written to at:

BRAULT, David (Kara) #428682,
MAH de Fleury, 7 Ave des Peupliers,
91705, Fleury Merogis, Cedex, FRANCE