11/14/2017: Kara Freed from Prison

Huge Update: After 17 months detained in isolation in a foreign men’s prison, Kara had her trial in late September. Today, on November 14th, she was released from prison! Kara and her support team would like to give a MASSIVE thanks to everyone to wrote to Kara, donated to her legal/commissary fund, and made the Hellish existence of prison without a set release date a little more bearable.

12/2016: Solidarity poster from Bern, Switzerland


12/13/2016: Chicago—Mixtape and CD-burning party for Kara at Breakaway Social Center

Comrades will be meeting at Breakaway Social Center (2306 S. Kedzie Ave, 60608) in Chicago to burn mp3’s onto CD and write letters to send to Kara. 7pm onward. All welcome. Bring tunes!

11/27/2016: Athens, Greece: Banner Drop in Solidarity with Kara Wild



[The banner reads: “Freedom for Kara Wild, anarchist incarcerated in France”]

“On May 18th 2016 in Paris, in the context of combative protests against the new labor law, a patrol car of the French police was smashed and burned. A week later, on May 26th, Kara Wild, an anarchist trans woman from the US who participated in the mobilizations, was arrested at a separate demonstration near La Place de la Nation. The prosecuting authorities accused her of participating in the smashing of the police car; since then, she is imprisoned in France and has been denied bond because she is considered a flight risk.

In the morning of November 25th 2016, we hung a banner at the Athens Polytechnic, on Stournari St, as a token of solidarity with Kara. We don’t care if she committed the “offense” she is accused of. For us, smashing and burning cop vehicles, in France and everywhere, is not only right but of utmost necessity. (Α)”

via:  Itsgoingdown   Contra-info

11/18/16 – Chicago Benefit Raises $1,300
A Chicago benefit for Kara, with local bands including Los Armadas, raised $1,300 for Kara’s defense fund. This money will be used for Kara’s legal fees and to help get her more books in prison. Thanks to everyone who organized this in Chicago!

10/23/2016: Solidarity with Kara from Brussels!


09/23/16 –    New Art from Kara
We got some new art from Kara have uploaded on the “Writings & Art by Kara” page. Kara’s drawings printed make great posters for a benefit.

09/20/2016 – Karaoke for Kara Wild: Chicago Benefit Show
Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago will be throwing a benefit show for Kara at The Orphanage in Chicago this coming Friday, the 23rd from 9pm to 12am. Please come out and support Kara and sing your favorite Crass or Ramshackle Glory song.

Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago will be throwing a benefit show for Kara at The Orphanage in Chicago this coming Friday, the 23rd from 9pm to 12am. Please come out and support Kara and sing your favorite Crass or Ramshackle Glory song.

08/18/2016 – Kara Given Hormone Access, Benefits for Kara, Legal Fees
We’ve received a book list from Kara for books she would like to read while in prison. Check it out at: . See the list we got in the mail from her and get the shipping address to mail Kara from Kara’s support page.

08/04/2016 – Kara Given Hormone Access, Benefits for Kara, Legal Fees
In very welcome update, we’re happy to report that Kara has finally been given access to hormones! We have also been informed by a French comrade that Kara’s trial will be upcoming in a few months. Kara’s legal fees are currently partially covered so far, but she will need continued support as her trial comes up.

Kara’s supreme court bond appeal costs of have been paid by a donor, so big thank you to them. Her appeal will be upcoming soon.

There are also benefit shows for Kara happening throughout Europe and the USA. For our West Coast homies, a punk show benefit will be happening on 08/26 in Olympia, WA:

07/18/2016 – Support, Bond, and Videos
Left in the blind by media blackout? Selfish American who couldn’t give two shits about the state of rest of the world and never follows the news? Too busy monkey wrenching to keep up with things? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out the newly posted summary on the French labor resistance.

07/15/2016 – Support, Bond, and Videos
Kara is still awaiting her bond hearing under the Supreme Court in France. Kara’s family is trying to go visit her in, but are worrried about cummulative travel and court costs, so please continue supporting Kara. In more support news, Kara’s defense fund has now recieved over $1,000 in donations! Thank you! Two videos about Kara have also been uploaded on the front page.

06/22/2016 – Kara’s Bond Appeal Denied
Kara’s bond appeal was denied by the French state under the fact that she is a foreigner in France and cannot stay or work in French territory. Kara’s bond plea will now move to the Supreme Court.

06/21/2016 – Kara’s Situation in Prison
Kara is currently being denied hormones, though her lawyer is working through the lengthy process to allow access to them.

Though we are saddened by this injustice, we are glad to learn that Kara is able to leave her cell daily, has met other trans women in prison, and has made friends with two Spanish women. She is being held in a cell by herself, which is what she wants. She is drawing and is working on comics. She has received art supplies and is allowed to take an art class at the prison.

Kara is also allowed visitation from her support group, Acceptess-T, which is based in Paris, and her lawyer. Acceptess-T fights discrimination of all kinds related to gender identity, and combats violence against transgender people and their families. They can see her face to face, hug her, speak freely, and deliver letters to her.